Why UNEO Global?
Why UNEO Global?


Specialized in the field of global mobility, UNOE Global is a platform of experienced experts that develop fully customized solutions, focusing its strategy on efficiency and innovation.


Based in Switzerland and with a well-established network, our goal is to support you in applying solutions that allow you to fully realize your potential for international development.

Tailor made

Whatever our field of action, we always favour “tailor made” solutions, being convinced that ready-made formulas are out of date in a busy and agile market with a continuouisly changing legal framework.

What our clients think of us

Company active in the automotive industry

“We chose to set up our GEC in Switzerland. After an in-depth analysis, the Uneo Global experts established a clear actions timetable and effective processes for the secondment of our staff in compliance with both Switzerland’s and the host country’s requirements and our internal rules. In scrupulous respect of the legal environment, they helped us draft our employment contracts and optimized the hiring process. Furthermore, the focus on our local and international health plans has generated savings that allow us to be more competitive while providing our employees with more attractive terms. Our budget discussions with management have greatly improved.”

Company active in business consulting

“The Swiss market was a logical next step for our growing business. We had given it up because of our lack of knowledge of the administrative and legal system. But thanks to the advice and assistance of the experts at UNEO Global, we were able to create our subsidiary from A to Z in record time. All the steps were facilitated by their perfect control of the economic fabric as well as the local legal framework. Their rigour and expertise allowed us, in a few weeks, to transform a commercial strategy into an operational reality.”

Diplomatic representation

“Our embassy has been subscribed to a LAMal collective contract for a few years now. Franchises and coverages often provoked endless discussions at the coffee machine, affecting the mood in the office. The overall cost of the contract was, moreover, causing tensions during our budget discussions with our country’s foreign affairs department. We sought the advice of UNEO Global to find a pragmatic solution that complies with the legislation in force. As a result, our overall premium has fallen by almost 20%, we have eliminated all deductibles and the coverage is broader than the one we previously enjoyed.”

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